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every cigarette in the world
Afternoon light.  The perfect hue of goldorange, sapping away the tremendous heat of the day.  Sticky all over the place, sitting on the porch, curled like a cat on the bench.  Cigarette smoke trails up to the sky, making loops and rivers and streams in the fading light.  Half-lidded eyes watch, dazedly, languidly, testing the smoke against the taste.  It doesn’t look like citrus, but it smells like it, tastes like it.  Red rings slide down the cigarette, turning everything it touches to ash and advancing towards the filter with every intent to burn.
The crickets are just starting, a little at a time, and the birds have just stopped.  The sun lies low.  Smoke trails up, citrus-smelling.  The filter burns.  The lighter snaps and another cigarette is lit.  Tastes like a cup of black coffee, not in flavor but in feeling.
Nothing to do but try every cigarette on the planet.
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Amarant Cosplay: AX2009 by devilishkurumi Amarant Cosplay: AX2009 :icondevilishkurumi:devilishkurumi 6 10
The Dollar
One day while out shopping, Miss Elizabeth Jackson was given a dollar bill in change.  This in itself was nothing particularly interesting; the interesting fact was that the dollar had something written on it in small lettering.  It was on the border and so she only noticed it when she pulled the bill out of her jeans’ pocket when doing the wash.
Finding things written on currency isn’t a particularly strange thing; it’s likely that everyone has, at some point, found a dollar bill with something written on it.  Sometimes, it will be a stamped URL for a website; other times, it will be something as inane as “three sisters.”  This time, however, the note was:
“If found, please return to 1408 Magnolia St, Blakely, Georgia.”
Elizabeth didn’t have much to do, and so she sat on the bus ride home, contemplating this dollar bill.  Who in the world would care about the return of one bill in particul
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The Duck
Right at the beginning, it was obvious he was... off.  Everyone saw it, way before college, even before high school, all they way back to when being "off" didn't matter to anyone.  He never had a girlfriend, he never joined a club; he never did anything of the sort.  He wouldn't talk to anybody.  He just sort of sat there.
It didn't take long before everyone gave up on him, if they gave him a chance in the first place.  And then he took a trip to Disneyland.
It was a weekend vacation for something - his sister's birthday, a wedding, whatever - and when he came back he brought his new souvenir with him.  This would have been okay, if it had been something practical or cool, like a scarf or a sweatshirt or hell, even a stuffed Mickey Mouse doll.
Instead, it was a duck.
That thing shat everywhere it went and kept the whole dorm up at night with its squawking and ran amok because he didn't see fit to close his door. 
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Unfinished Novel
It was 2 A.M. when she got the call.
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A Boy And His Car
            Sammy boy, you have really fucked up now.
            The list of things a high school boy wants is relatively short.  Beautiful, babelicious girlfriend – check.  Parents that stay out of his personal business – check.  Super-cool, awesome car that can transform into a giant robot – double check.
            Sam Witwicky has all the amenities a young man could possibly want.  There’s just one tiny little problem.
            He’s pretty sure that he’s in love with his car.
            You know, the one that transforms into a giant robot.
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I'm Not Paranoid by devilishkurumi I'm Not Paranoid :icondevilishkurumi:devilishkurumi 0 2 Mujou by devilishkurumi Mujou :icondevilishkurumi:devilishkurumi 0 1 Maui 2 by devilishkurumi Maui 2 :icondevilishkurumi:devilishkurumi 0 0


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Yaoi rocks
Just seeing
Two guys
Getting it on
(Wait, isn't that hentai yaoi?)
Is hotter
Than two girls
(Which would be yuri)
In the same situation.
The world needs more yaoi.
Love between two guys
Is just as strong
As love between
A guy and a girl
Or two girls.
Yaoi is hot.
Yaoi is sexy.
Yaoi is...
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Devilish Kurumi
United States
Current Residence: Rancho
Favourite genre of music: Anything.
Favourite photographer: Melody
Favourite style of art: The kind Arthur does.
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: Zune Media Player
Shell of choice: Conches.
Wallpaper of choice: Stucco.
Skin of choice: The ones in my freezer.
Favourite cartoon character: Amarant FUCKING Coral. But I'm betrothed to the Flash.
Personal Quote: "I'd like to tap YOUR - ....Religion."
How about you stop fucking spamming me to buy a paid account?


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